Alvin and The Chipmunks

Percaya tak this is the 3rd time kita tengok filem ON THE FIRST DAY. hehe biasa lah rumah pun sebelah Jusco memang sentiasa free lah kan

Watch this with Iman & Kris :) Miss them so much! After that, makan dekat Pastamania. And believe it or not, I rasa orang Pastamania tu dah ingat I. haha almost everyday akan pergi sana and take away Creamy Chicken Pizayolla! Sedap weh sedap

Reviews about the movie : ITS IS SHOOO CUTEE! 6 LIL SINGING CHIPMUNKS! SIAPA YANG BENCI?! Iman and Kris said they look so scary -.- I think they're cute I feel like saying 'awwwww' in every scene. Tapi kan tak suka satu benda, The person sitting behind me keeps on playing with my head (a lil 6 year old girl) menyibuk doh! Ganggu fokus orang!

So quick tip, sit in front :) well it might hurt your neck but its worth it cause you can have the whole row just to yourself! :D