You know when you're in school and Monday is always the day that suffers everybody and everyone hates Monday, well who doesn't? Mainly sebab ada assembly. But since its a school holiday, Monday is still most hated day.

Usually this kind of time, my babygirl Ftnnbla should be online :( But she's not. Mana tah dia pergi... tapi malas nak text dia so tunggu je la. I wanna share something about this lil but older than me girl.

If you look inside my phone, mmg gambar dia berlambak lah kan -.- Pantang nampak phone aku punya budak. But she's pretty so I don't mind. Even Aisy remember Fatin, nampak je muka Fatin in my phone terus jerit 'Aunty Patin' uhuh diz kid iz bery femas in ze family of mine.

I don't really take a lot of pictures with her, hmm I really don't know why :( Eh cakap pasal dia kan. haaa ni ha gambar ini budak yang comel comel loteh ni :)

Fatin Nabila Abdullah
<3 you meoww