A New Phone

Gonna be my phone :D ecehh maybe
see the diff between Galaxy Ace and iPhone ?
and you thought that iPhone is affordable

Dah 2 minggu kut, I ask for a phone. Tak ada la desperate mana nak phone.
Just nak tukar phone since dunia dah maju an.
So I ask for an iPhone, HAHA mmg tak dapat la kan.
Ala I dont want an iPhone act, ramai budak dekat sekolah dah guna iPhone sekarang.

Act, nak phone yang lain. I mean it's speciality same as an iPhone only more affordable.
My friend suggest Android, cousin pun cakap benda sama.
That night, Abi beli magazine Mobile so he asked me to fine a new phone perhaps ? :D haha
satu malam aku baca buku tu, ok la I really like the Samsung Galaxy Ace.
Agak cheap kut ! I mean it's like an iPhone gak.
But how much is an iPhone ? RM2000 lebih kan ?
but this phone, tak sampai RM1000.

I did a few research on that phone, and it matches perfectly on what I want
Anyways my dad wants me to list down the ciri ciri yang I nak :
1. Touchscreen
2. Affordable price
3. PERLUKAN APPS ! (aleen dah advance la Abi)
4. Full memory untuk letak lagu (seriously, Nokia dgn Palm tak ada lagu)
5. High mega pixel camera (The phone im using, quality sucks, kalau aleen lupa bawa camera boleh la pakai camera phone)
6. Google search (I use it a lot frequently, cause banyak words nak guna for my essay)
7. Android (ok it's high-rated, the functions are awesome like the Android market which is way better. It's affordable ftw)
8. WhatsApp messenger (I've been texting a lot lately, but with this I can just chat with my friends yang have android, blackberry and iPhone for free so that means tak ada la bill sampai RM100 lebih kan*note that 80% of my friends uses this)
9. Twitter,Facebook Apps (phone Abi tak ada, phone nokia pun tak ada)
10. It's light, classy, and full touchscreen.

*note that the ones yang bold are the one yang mmg wajib
btw Abi, the WhatsApp Messenger memang wajib sebab I keep texting people a lot tau. So untuk jimat duit use this la. and then, if Abi nak share ke apa ke I dont really mind.