Kursus Kepimpinan

No, Im not a pengawas
NO ! Im not a ketua as well
But penolong ketua kelas is a good start in middle school kan?

Teacher said must be in school at 6.3oam
That night, I was chatting with zee bro of mine, Zaid.

me : kbye I got to sleep. esok kena bngun awal. 6.30 kena sampai school compound
Zaid : alaa ikut janji melayu weh. 6.30 = 7.30. trust me la
me : hmm i dont think so


Haha he was right. I'll bet his saying 'I told you so' by now :P
The penceramah is just plain awesome deii
There's games and aktiviti berkumpulan
But I found it KINDA racist when it comes to groups