Casty the Cast

My latest(not so latest) post is about my hand kan kan
Im cast-free baby ! :D
Went to Pantai Medical Centre this morning with Abi and my cousin
Nasib pergi awal, tak ada la ramai orang
But seriously just to wait the doctor took like 15 mins.
then x-ray, then wait again, then only buka
Altogether 4 hours weh !
I saw a cute baby patah kaki :'( sumpah nak nangis
Kesian gila kut, his ight leg semua kena cement, left leg half je kena
Can't imagine how he have to suffer, and I think he's still 1 y/o kut

Time open the cast, nampak this small circular 'gergaji'
Doctor main potong je, and I was like 'dude hati2 la, tangan mahal ni'
Buka je, he ask me to clean it. And I thought the nurse tolong clean kan
Tapi, Haram -.- Terus buat my cousin's pula
My hand still sakit, well durh 2 bulan tak gerakkan tangan -.-