Mc Chicken

Iklan McChicken Supreme irritates me
Why must the girls dance like they're chickens ?
So uglayyy (:

School holidays is so damn boring (SO NOT)
'Where you go during the holiday?'
'No where, duduk rumah'
I don't need your sarcastic sympathy -.-

What I really did during the holidays
1. Watch How I Met Your Mother from season 1-6 (btw, Malaysia lembab baru season 4)
2. Watch glee season 2 (Not a really good fan of it)
3. Watch Amazing Race Asia, Amazing Race sampai habis
4. Watch Biggest Loser Asia, Biggest Loser sampai habis
5. Watch Masterchef (Whitney won, although I want Lee to win)
6. Watch America's next top model
7. Eat, sleep, kemas rumah(yeah idk why)

See, I did so many things
Maybe I don't go to Paris or mana2
But at least I don't ask EVERYONE about their holidays
I found it very lifeless (: