I hate exams. Pfft who doesnt -.- even teachers hate exams, they malas nak tanda kertas. Parents hate exams, cant make plans on weekends cuz anak nak study. Aunty/uncle van hate exams, have to hantar the kids to school extra early. See everyone hates exam, so why must have one deii.

Next week busy gila kut. Since im the ahli SPBT, most probably kena arrange books and yadda yadda. Malas gilaaa -.- Why must they drag me to hell. kewl. Speaking of hell, I went to hotel 626 and its freaking me out. Still scary doh eventhough I went there everytime farissa sleepsover my hse. godieica (:

STAR so strict :'( we cant have fun after exams. No waterballons, tepung fight, water fight and all. I wanna comment about someone right here, right now. But naaaah public weyh -.- FYI, some teachers stalk your students