2 stories bout 2 different babies .............................
1st story :

I went to my sister's house to see my not-so-lil nephew, Aisy. Have u random people heard of the game 'Cak Cak'. Its the most popular yet stupid game that we play with babies. Usually, the adults say cak cak to the baby. But that day, Aisy took a pillow and well he play cak cak with me. I was flattered :'D He make me wanna say oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, omg ! SO CUTEE !

2nd story :

Last night I went to this restaurant in Seksyen 7. I ate nasi with ayam masak merah (my all-time favorite). After that, a family came and sat infront of my table. The baby was put in the baby chair. Haha so I keep looking at the cute baby. Suddenly he showed the 'L' sign to me. And I was like 'wtf ?!'. That baby is very unique ! :D