Photos and Story

If u look closely at this pic. The selipar is different size and dua2 selipar for my left foot! The story is like this :
I went to Pasar Tani this morning with my family. Kitorang currently obsessed with crocs. So, masa nak tengok crocs, I was in love with this purple blue selipar. So I ask the pak cik for the selipar. Then, he put the selipar in the plastic and gave it to me. Then, we went home. Masa kat rumah, try lah selipar tu. Hancur hati when the size different AND both for the left foot.

anyways, this is the new trend! So, shoppers! Remember, trend terkini : Selipar size berbeza dan sebelah kiri SAHAJA! Kalau for muslim, lebih afdhal beli sebelah kanan. Beli jangan tak beli!