Friday Oh Friday

Haha gila la today. Too weird to be today.

1. I didnt eat at all. seriously!I didnt. Cool huh. haha
2. Haha talked to jaya dudes (Najmi and Fariq). Whoa they are damn cool and quite funneyh!
3. Got this one PANAS perhimpunan! Teachers are NOT supposed to look at our facebook!
4. About the number 3, the teacher hack the students facebook then me and Yong macam politics at the perhimpunan. Nice job Yong XD
5. I officially made up a group named LAMOS yang terdiri daripada 6 retards (F, H, NFL, NA, SIS, FA) haha

Acctually i got lot more things to say here. But since i remembered my dad will probably read this when i post it. So well yeah nvm then XD