Hahahahah. Haih. Dah lama x post blog. Busy sangat la sejak school's over. Well, start dari awal la. Ok, I so damn miss my shitto friends!!!!! On 29 Nov, my baby nephew(Aisy Umayr) n my baby cuzin (Nurfarra Aleesha) ada this Majlis Cukur Jambul. The pelamin cantik gila, feel like juz having that pelamin for my wedding. HAHAHAHAH. Ok, after that majlis, every1 rest(3x). Today plak, my 5 cuzins, Aja, Adi, Aan, Ariz n Ica tidur at my hse. We MAYBE will go to jj for no reason. On Thursday, I have this treatment thingy(hate it but need it). On Friday-Sunday, me n my family will go on a vacation at PD. Will be staying at Tiara Beach Resort nanti.