UPSR over

Im as happy as a king when UPSR is officially over.I feel like Im in heaven right now.Since now UPSR is not in my list anymore,Im planning to go out shopping wif my friends after raya(maybe) at Jusco Bukit Tinggi.In my school plak,my teachers are discussing for the year six pupils programme after UPSR.Like last year,the year six pupils went to the cereal factory.I hope this year the year six pupils go to a place of entertainment(sunway lagoon,times square,KLCC).Half of my classmates ponteng sklh after UPSR.Rugi tau diorang x datang cuz me n my goofy friends senyap2 gi pusat akses while the others tengok movie(boring).Well tomorrow Im gonna buy raya things at a place.So,today Im gonna on9 on myspace,facebook n friendster.