Soooo Tired!!!!!

Today is my grandmother's birthday.So I dah wish her a happy birthday.Tonight we(my mother side punya cuzins) have to go to my grandmothers house for like a suprise birthday party.Food prepared by my uncle.N paper plates n cups prepared by me n my mom.N tonight my sis n bro-in-law pun dtg.

Im tired man.Why???Today got koko,Im in KH.Same as Sahira, Eliana, Emir n Asyraaf.N today we have to plant some bawang,cili n kentang.Ugh!!!Hate perkebunan.It sucks.Why????Well one me n Eliana have to dig the bloody hole in the ground n two the tanah is sooo icky.Very lembab the tanah.Geli!!!!N ppl keep throwing the soil at me.

N I've just discovered that Emir is afraid of frogs.Hahaha.Cant believe a guy would be scared of frogs.Im not even scared at all.Im only scared at monkeys,lizards n roaches.When I tell Iman about it.N then she laugh.It was like a pretending laugh.Oh,I just say hye to Asyraaf just now.N now I will get RM3 from Iman,Emir n Eliana each!!!!!