Busy Sunday

Today is Sunday.As I say today got an trial exam UPSR for me,Fariz n Farissa(cuzins) by my mom.It started at 9.30 a.m n ends at 2.30 p.m.That is only maths.Then we singgah rumah opah.N then we continue science at 3.15 p.m til 4.30 p.m.

After that,we(me n cuzins) went to the Butterfly Park near my new house.We just walk around the park n buy ice-cream.We went there cuz that is our rehat time n my mom n dad got something to do at my new house.Ramai orang main layang2 kat sana.26 julai til 28 julai ada 'Pesta Wau Malaysia' kat depan Butterfly Park.Must be fun.But sadly time tu Im busy for UPSR.Mesti x dapat tengok.

N theres this brand new funfair at giant.I want to go but sape nak temankan me naik all the roller coasters.My mom n dad 100% sure x suka roller coasters my sis plak mengandong n my bro-in-law gayat.hampeh la my family.