The Idiots


In my class,there are idiots.N who are the idiots?The idiots are actually Heng Ghee, Fariz, Zaheer, Fadzil n sometimes Sandra.They are smart in academic but stupid in other than academic.But all of them are my besties.IDK why cuz they are cool n simple.I guess.

N they usually always laugh a lot.Especially Zaheer.They laugh from school starts til school ends.All they do is laugh,laugh n laugh.Sometimes, they dont laugh.They sing!!!!Ta la suara tk sedap pastu nak nyanyi.Aiyoyo.

At one time they sang the'cookie jar' song but they change the lyrics.I love the cookie jar song but I dont like the lyrics that they made up cuz it is soo stupid.N they always tease me,Haranee,Kristen n specially Iman.But they still are my friends.My idiot friends!!!!